Personalised playing cards as a Gift  personalised playing cards game

If you are shopping around for a new gift idea for your friends family or even children then personalised playing cards are a great idea.  They can be added as a stocking filler or be used as a reward present for your children to acknowledge good behaviour or a even as a learning aid for a school subject.

There are many companies out there that can provide you with a personalised gift but top make one that has a learning angle to is great, Top trump cards are great to get you kids into using numbers and recognising the differences between higher, lower and equal quantities.

Helping Kids interact

It is much proven that if you can teach a child without telling them you are teaching them something they are much more likely to be interested and not look at it like a task. Child physcology around learning has always been a tricky area, but essentially if your playing a game they don’t think they are learning and more importantly they don’t feel like they are being taught. This in turn will give them the confidence to suggest things without thinking they are being marked or judged on there actions and will hopefully unlock a new approach to both there relationship with you and there openness to finding out new things!

Rainy day Activities for Kids

You may think thats a lot to expect from a set of personalised playing cards but the smallest things can sometimes bring the biggest benefits and joys to our children.  So when you are looking for a stocking filler or an interactive game to play and encourage some stealth like teaching techniques to your rainy day weekend games then for as little as £8.99 whats not worth the gamble!

You are able to personalise each part of the card game, so for example you could have the subject matter on the back side of the card, then on the inset you can go for a subject type,  fruit for example!  You can have picture of the fruit, Its name at the top and then up to 5 categories and answers (the top trump values)


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